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Sometimes unforeseeable events happen. If you get stuck in a position where you must change you wedding date- here is a simple, clean, editable invite. And best of all it’s free, because if you are changing your wedding date, you have already been through enough.

Click to download the template

1. To download, click the picture above to be taken to the PDF file. When it opens, click the download icon or the “open in Acrobat” button.

2. I have found the editing works best if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader or DC. (there are usually free or trial versions available)

3. If the font does not translate, you can use a different font or purchase one to download to your computer.

4. Print the quantity you need! (Tip: Turn on the “Trim Marks” in your printer settings to get some guidelines. And use a paper cutter!)

Disclaimer: Please use for personal use only. The above steps are a basic guideline for how downloading and editing the file best worked for me. I have an HP laptop with Windows 10. (If you have questions or trouble, you may certainly email me, but I may not be able to resolve it!)